Royal – Pomerania Zouk & Kizomba Festival

Illustration: Royal – Pomerania Zouk & Kizomba Festival

What about spending the last days of this summer on the beautiful Baltic coast? There, the sound of waves will mix with the sensual rhythms of Brazilian Zouk and Angolan Kizomba.

Royal – Zouk and Kizomba Festival is not only the first dance congress in Pomerania, but above all it is 2 days of workshops with world top instructors, 3 nights of hot parties in two separate rooms, as well as memorable holidays among people with a huge passion for dance. What else could you need?

“Royal”, a festival for kings and queens:
- Exclusive halls and rooms. All activities will take place in a truly royal location, 50 meters far from the sea.
- Magnificent robes. The theme of the Saturday party is “Royal”. That means we will all dress up like kings, queens, princesses and princes.
- Royal competition – Choose the king and the queen of the festival.


  •  Nelson Mandela (ao)
  •  Miguel & Marlene (uk)
  •  Rafał Szymański (pl)
  •  Michał & Renata (pl)
  •  Kasia Pawlik (uk)
  •  Miguel & Susana (pt)
  •  Przemo Bania (uk)
  •  Marisa Gulino (uk)
  •  Stou Dance (fr)
  •  P. Wereszczyński (pl)
  •  Kizomba Twins (pl)
  •  Kamil & Michalina (pl)
  •  Anthony & Linda (nl)
  •  Patricia Cruz (uk)
  •  Jan & Anni (de)
  •  Marcelo & Tania (at)


  •  DJ Yoorek (pl)
  •  DJ Miguel Monteiro (pt)
  •  DJ G-Zouk (at)
  •  DJ Odin Le Noble (nl)
  •  DJ Libre (uk)
  •  DJ Junior Fransisco (es)

Practical informations

  •  28-30 September 2012
  •  Gdynia, Poland

Win a pass

This contest was closed on August 12th, 2012. Ewelina M. (Poland) won a Full Pass for this event. Don’t hesitate to visit our other pages to find new contests…

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