Japan Bachata Festival 2012

Illustration: Japan Bachata Festival 2012

You are a Bachata lover and you like travelling to fascinating countries? Then you definitely shouldn’t miss this festival.

Nice parties, workshops by world-known Bachata masters and a complete series of shows by international artists and local performers. This is a complete package full of learning and fun!!


  •  Ataca & La Alemana (us)
  •  El Tiguere Del Mambo (us)
  •  Hannah Cope (us)
  •  Anup Thomas (th)
  •  Ryu & Kaori (jp)
  •  Erick & Hiromi (jp)
  •  Aya & Kita (jp)
  •  Luis Sasaki (jp)


  •  DJ Tiguere (us)
  •  DJ Lando (jp)
  •  DJ Hermana (jp)
  •  DJ Alec (jp)

Practical informations

  •  8-11 June 2012
  •  Tokyo, Japan

Win a pass

This contest was closed on April 22nd, 2012. Kanae M. (Japan) won a Full Pass for this festival. Don’t hesitate to visit our other pages to find new contests…

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