Bachata Thrillogy by Carlos Cinta Vol. 4-7

Illustration: Bachata Thrillogy by Carlos Cinta Vol. 4-7

Carlos Cinta “El Unico Bachatero” has taught at many international festivals and events around the world. His first YouTube video attracted 8 million hits! Because of his carefree, lighthearted and fun attitude towards dancing, people are ultimately drawn to his Bachata style and his teaching methods. Carlos is known for his unique teaching ability and “Bachata Musicality” Music Course. Carlos spends most of his time sharing his passion of Dominican Style Bachata to sold-out workshops at festivals all over the world.

Here, we’re giving you the chance to win 4 DVDs from the “Bachata Thrillogy” collection. These 4 volumes cover the Caribbean Bachata.

Vol. 4

Just when you thought you knew everything about Bachata, you discover the power of syncopation. Recommended for guys and ladies. After watching this DVD, you’ll discover that you can play with the timing of your dance steps, improve your musicality and hear Bachata music like never before!

Vol. 5

Now that you understand how to play with the timing of your Bachata steps get ready for more challenging footwork patterns. This dvd contains: syncopated footwork patterns for the guy and lady. Nine cool new Bachata footwork patterns, broken down step-by-step.

Vol. 6

Carlos Cinta mixes humor and his keen eye for detail to teach you ten additional Bachata footwork patterns, including 3 unique patterns that he created by “accident”. These steps are unisex and can be danced by both the man and the woman.

Vol. 7

Carlos Cinta “El Unico Bachatero” takes his time here to explain 14 lessons that cover more traditional Caribbean style partnering patterns, and how to dance On 1, On 2, On 3, and On 4! Ladies, pay close attention to a special lesson devoted to the Do’s and Don’ts of ladies styling” taught by Rosemary Paulino. All steps are danced to the soulful the music of Joan Soriano “El Duque de La Bachata”.

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